Y ou are in the presence of a person of w hom I am spiritual l y jealou s . Justin is doing e xact ly w hat I sta r ted to do in 1987 w hen I f ounded A . P.C. _ in the sense that his approach is e xtreme l y obsess i v e and dr i v en by a search f or pe r f ection that is almost impossible to attain.

( By thi s , I do n' t mean that we 've lost our aesthetic ideal s . Let ' s just say that we ' ve decided to explore a g reater d i v ersi t y of product s .)

W orking with him is literal ly li k e being in a dream in w hich I ' m talking to a y oun g er v ersion of mysel f .

In these super ficial times, ov e r fl o wing with vain and useless idea s , his approach touches me deep l y . Justin and his little company remind us that the meaninglessness of the w orld mi g ht one day be lessened thanks to him and people li k e him, who w ork in all so r ts of fiel d s.

- Jean T ouitou , founder A . P.C. _


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November 14th, 2019